Willow tree celtic astrology

Work is taken very seriously and they are usually successful in business if they can find an area to excel in. Although stars with career, they tend to keep their private life private.

2. Rowan Tree (January 21 - February 17)

As the family tree, Birch people also take family responsibilities very seriously and are often default heads of the household. Associated with Uranus, the dragon and the goddess Brigid. Rowan Tree people are futurists. Not necessarily in a technological way, but as visionaries for the future.

They are humanitarians and take up worldly causes, but often in an unusual way. As the Rowan is said to magically break curses, Rowan people break control, authority and conformity.

Although very kind and thoughtful, they can tactlessly express their controversial opinions. Associated with Neptune, the trident and Lir, the sea god. Ash Tree people have two currents running through them. One side is very artistic and sensitive, while the other is quite down to earth. Compassion is the key word here, as they see the best and worst the world has to offer.

Because of this dual nature, their motives are often misunderstood by those round them.

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Associated with Mars, the pentacle and King Arthur. Alder Tree people are the warriors and adventurers, the heroes from myth. They are very physical and like a challenge. They take the lead with their competitive drive, but sometimes their actions are foolishly dangerous. Alder people may get impatient when action is low. They make great and loyal friends, but ego and need for praise can hide a deep sensitivity. Associated with the Moon, serpent and Morgan Le Fay. Like the Moon, Willow Tree people have a hidden, mysterious nature.

On the outside they appear as very sensible, practical people, but on the inside they are very psychic and mystical. Unusual experiences follow them. Although they are wise counselors, their emotions and moods can change suddenly and negatively influence their usual reasoning ability.

Associated with Vulcan, the chalice and the smith god Govannan.

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Those born under the Hawthorn Tree probably have a variety of talents aimed at communication. They are charismatic and well versed in many things, similar to the Celtic druids. They are great leaders and strategists, but at times their expressive nature is armed with the sword of anger. Verbal spars pepper their otherwise colorful life, as they experiment with life.

Associated with Jupiter, the wheel and the father god Dagda. Oak Tree people have a wide range of talents. They combine some of the best qualities, including vision, personal charm, optimism and a drive for success. Such individuals often find themselves in leadership positions. Later in life, they are drawn to spiritual and philosophical pursuits.

Associated with Earth, the flaming spear and the mother goddess Danu. This is the tree sign of honor and regalness. People under the Holly Tree hold to their values, backed by a strong will. They are trustworthy and loyal. In short they have a great sense of character. Unfortunately this regalness can manifests as through pretentious or patronizing behavior. History past holds sway over this sign, and their homes are often filled with historical collections.

Associated with Mercury, the rainbow fish and the god Ogma. Hazel Tree people are not only wonderful communicators, but gatherers of knowledge and wisdom.

They have incredible memories and ways of relating information. Many express themselves in writing, scholarly pursuits or as administrators.


Celtic Tree Months

Such people have an excess of nervous energy and can hold to their tension or manifest it as an argument. Overall, they are highly interesting and challenging people. Associated with Venus, the swan and Queen Guinevere. High emotions are a key aspect in the lives of Vine people. There is a restless quality in life.

At times their gentleness and enthusiasm are on top. Other times they are excessively angry or sad. Even so, in the face of any opponent they are calm and collected, ever ready with a back up plan. Trees as breathe-taking as the Willow Tree spark imaginations throughout the world. In Celtic Traditions a Willow Tree was highly revered for its close association to the water, and therefore, with the moon and as it would wax and wane.

The Willow was believed to enhance psychic abilities and to offer deep insights into the workings of the world. Native American Traditions revere the Willow Tree as a symbol of strength and stability in old age and experience, as well as a symbol of deep inner knowledge and open-mindedness. In China, all plants have very specific meanings, especially when used in art, and the Willow is consistently seen as a symbol of flexibility and strength. The cow or bull animal symbol for the Willow Tree sign brings specific traits, such as stubbornness and loyalty.

The bovine gives an optimist outlook to almost every challenge and obstacle the willow sign must face in order to evolve. The meaning of the Hawthorn tree is a mixed bag of good and bad fortune. Known as the Holy Thorn, it was from a hawthorn that the thorny crown placed upon Jesus, the Christ's head was made.

This sign is the great illusionist since you never know what is going on behind the mask presented to the world. This sign is adaptable and can be whatever is required by the circumstances. Freedom is the one thing this sign will never forfeit. The alphabet for the hawthorn tree is H and stands for Huath, or Uatha.

Fertility and protection from harm are both bestowed to hawthorn signs. Celtic lore attributes great power and force to the ocean. The tiny seahorse is able to maneuver through the sea currents with finesse and amazing gracefulness. This makes the seahorse a powerful symbol for hawthorn signs. Seahorse magic bestows financial acumen and an infallible memory. The mighty oak has been written about and touted for its strength. The oak tree sign does that and more. It acts as a stabilizing force in the person's life.

The druids held the oak tree as a sacred living emblem of their existence. The oak is symbolic in its uses for spells, wealth and durability.

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The over-harvesting of the highly prized oak tree led to much of the deforestation of Scottish lands. The alphabet for the oak tree is D for Duir. Strength and self-reliance are two traits associated with duir. The tiny wren is a symbol of high energy and industrious nature.

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  3. 1. Birch Tree (December 24 - January 20).
  4. This animal symbol brings purpose and activity to the oak tree sign that fortifies its strengths. This is the sign of royalty and prestige. Those born under this sign are blessed with grace and a highly dignified personality and presence. People look up to this sign as a leader and example of the best qualities most people strive to achieve. These natural abilities carry this sign into realms of power and influence.

    Holly boughs were used to decorate doorways and windows to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that fairies lived in holly trees, so branches were cut and brought into the homes to provide winter warmth for the fairies. The alphabet for the holly tree is T for Tinne or Teine. This is the symbol of immortality and legacy. The saying that a home is your castle is a truism for this alphabet letter. The horse is a strong and regal creature. Its grace often belies its power. The horse is a magnificent animal and gives the holly tree sign great stamina, willpower and sometimes is headstrong stubborn in achieving its goals.

    The horse can be reined in, but it takes a delicate hand to tame this magnetic and high-energy animal. The hazel tree sign is one of wisdom and knowledge. This is both formal education and an innate intuitive knowing. A multi-faceted personality, this sign has depth and dimensions afforded by what they know and continue to learn.

    Willow Man

    In the Celtic lore of magic found in nature, the hazel tree is associated with stories of magic wells or springs. The alphabet letter C Coll or Call represents the hazel tree.

    The Willow Tree - April 15th - May 12th | Celtic Zodiac

    Coll means the energy or life force that resides deep inside you. The Chinese call this energy chi. It is connected to the intelligent universal energy that created all life. There is no animal quite as determined as the salmon that literally swims upstream to achieve its genetic imperative to spawn.

    This same type of commitment to achieving a goal is found in hazel tree people. The vine tree is the symbol for balance in life. Those born under this sign always seek to restore balance in life. The yin and yang of all things is a lifetime mandate. When balance is restored, harmony is ushered in. This is the ideal of a vine tree sign. In seeking this balance, the person recognizes the delicate balance of beauty in all areas of life. The alphabet letter M for Muin represents the vine tree.

    Those born under this sign have the gift of prophecy.