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The widowed Vedavalli returned to her father's home in Bangalore in Her younger sister Ambujavalli had moved to Madras, working as an air hostess.


She also started acting in drama and films using the screen name Vidyavathy. On the insistence of Ambujavalli, Jayalalithaa's mother Vedavalli also relocated to Madras and stayed with her sister from Vedavalli worked in a commercial firm in Madras and began dabbling in acting from under the screen name Sandhya.

Jayalalithaa remained under the care of her mother's sister Padmavalli and maternal grandparents from to in Mysore. She had the opportunity to visit her mother during summer holidays. After her aunt Padmavalli's marriage in , Jayalalitha moved to Madras and began to live with her mother. She excelled at school and was offered a government scholarship to pursue further education. She joined Stella Maris College however discontinued her studies due pressure from her mother and became a film actress.

Her brother's wedding took place at her Veda Nilayam home in Poes Gardens in Nagar Chennai at the bungalow 'Sandhya Illam' which was bought by mother of Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa had adopted Sasikala's nephew Sudhakaran in and disowned him in She was fond of having dogs as her pets.

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But after death of Julie, a Spitz, in she could not bear loss of death of her pets and hence discontinued keeping pet dogs at her home. In Chennai, Jayalalithaa was trained in Carnatic music , western classical piano [27] and various forms of classical dance, including Bharatanatyam , Kuchipudi , Mohiniyattam , Manipuri , Kathak. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She became an accomplished dancer and gave her debut dance performance at the Rasika Ranjani Sabha in Mylapore in May While Jayalalithaa was watching the shooting, a problem arose as the child actress playing the Goddess Parvathy in a school drama scene in the film failed to show up and the producer Neerlahalli Thalikerappa and director Aroor Pattabhi asked Sandhya if Jayalalithaa could be asked to act in the dance sequence.

Sandhya agreed and Jayalalitha was swiftly dressed up as Parvathy and the scene was shot in Sri Shaila Mahatme. She played Krishna in a three-minute dance sequence held on stage in the Hindi film Manmauji and danced with Kumari Naaz who played Radha. Soon Jayalalithaa while a schoolgirl began acting in some plays of Parthasarathy along with her mother and aunt.

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She acted in small roles in plays such as Tea House of the August Moon and Undersecretary between and Shankar Giri, the son of the former Indian President V. Shankar Giri approached her mother Sandhya and told he wanted to cast her daughter in an English film called The Epistle.

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Sandhya reluctantly agreed with the condition that shooting should be held only during weekends or school holidays. Sandhya had acted in the Tamil film Karnan , produced and directed by Kannada film-maker B. Jayalalithaa accompanied her mother to a party related to the film and was spotted by Panthulu, who then decided to cast her opposite Kalyankumar in the Kannada movie Chinnada Gombe.

He promised to finish all shooting within two months in order not to interfere with her education. Since Jayalalithaa would be studying for her PUC in two months' time, Sandhya had declined the offer initially.

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Panthulu kept his promise and completed shooting in six weeks. Jayalalithaa had forgotten all about films after acting in her Kannada debut film and had got ready to attend classes at Stella Maris as she had the ambition to be a lawyer. But the Kannada debut film became a blockbuster in and she became a well-known face. Meanwhile, Jayalalithaa continued acting in Parthasarathy's plays. She played the leading role in plays such as Malathi , The Whole Truth , and the dance drama Kaveri Thanda Kalaiselvi between and She made her debut as the lead actress in Kannada films while still in school, age 15, in Chinnada Gombe She made her debut in Tamil theatre in April , when she played a sales girl in the drama named Undersecretary.

Parthasarathy and Sandhya were the lead characters, while Jayalalitha and Cho Ramaswamy were paired together and A. Srinivasan was also involved. The play was based on the lives of middle aged couple and Jayalaithaa played character of sales girl in the drama. Her performance caused Parthasarathy to make her lead heroine in a drama named Malathy. By end of , she had become popular among film producers and directors.

Sridhar for her Tamil film debut as well. Between and she did around 35 shows of drama named Malathy and later discontinued as she became very busy in films. Jayalalithaa's debut in Tamil cinema was the leading role in Vennira Aadai , directed by C. Her last Telugu release was also opposite Akkineni Nageswara Rao in the film Nayakudu Vinayakudu , which was released in Ramachandran between and Panthalu's Aayirathil Oruvan in and their last film together was Pattikaattu Ponnaiya in She had 11 successful releases in Tamil in In the opening credits of Arasa Katalai , for the first time her name was affixed with the phrase Kavarchi Kanni.

Sandow M. Chinnappa Thevar was on the lookout for a regular heroine for his production after he had fight with the actress Savithri after the release of Vetaikkaran , and he signed Jayalalithaa on in She became a regular heroine for production house Devar films from Jaishankar was romantically paired with Jayalalithaa in eight Tamil films including Muthuchippi , Yaar Nee? Jayalalithaa acted in twelve films as heroine opposite N.

She also made guest appearance in Telugu film Navarthi Between and , Jayalalithaa starred opposite M. Jayalalithaa was paired opposite Sivaji Ganesan in 17 films. She acted in six films with R. She made her debut in Malayalam with Jesus The heroes of her films never objected to the title of the film being conferred on the female lead played by Jayalalithaa. Adimai Penn , Kanni Thaai , and Kannan En Kadhalan had Ramachandran as the lead male hero but the story and the title was built around the character played by Jayalalithaa.

She did many female-centric films where the story revolved on her character, such as Vennira Adai , Yaar Nee? She made guest appearances in nine films and six of her films were dubbed into Hindi. She had box office hits between and , of the total films she did as the main female lead. She made a brief appearance in 's Neenga Nalla Irukkanum. She acquired the reputation of being a multi-faceted actor equally comfortable in fantasy and mythological genres as well as in modern social dramas [61] and hence in , in Tamil Conference, she was given the tag of Kaveri Thandha Kalai Selvi.

She and Saroja Devi have been cited as the first female superstars of Tamil Cinema. She did double roles in eight films. She received Special Award from Filmfare for her performances in 'Chandhrodhayam', 'Adimai Penn' and 'Engirundho Vandhaal' in the years , and as the Filmfare Award for Best Actress was introduced only in From —73, Jaya at peak of career took interviews and wrote columns in the magazines like Bommai.

She wrote a column-Ennanga Selar in magazine Tughlaq in the s. She also wrote short story "Oravin Kaidhigal" for the magazine Kalki , Manadhdai Thotaa Malargal for Thaai magazine in the early s etc.


In , she decided to voluntarily decline any new film offers. The journalist Brian Laul wrote an article specifying Jayalalithaa was trying for a comeback but was not being offered any roles. Jayalalithaa chose to respond to him by writing a letter, in which she mentioned that she was not struggling to make any comeback and that she turned down the offer from producer Balaji to star in Billa alongside Rajinikanth. She added she wanted to pursue other interests and was not interested in pursuing her film career any further. Muthuraman, Nagesh, M. Nambiar, Venniradai Nirmala, S.

Asokan, Jaishankar, V. Ramaswamy, Major Sunnderajan, P. Susheela, Sheela, M.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa's condition continues to remain critical after suffering cardiac arrest

Vishwanathan, L. Eshwari, R. She quoted on M. Ramachandran, "He was a very warm and caring kind of a person. And after Mother died, he replaced her in my life. He was everything to me. He was mother, father, brother, friend, philosopher, guide. He sort of took over my life. Jayalalithaa denied claims that MGR, who had been chief minister for the state since , was instrumental in introducing her to politics. Even the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Rajya Sabha member Khushwant Singh came to witness her speech which was widely acclaimed for its clarity of diction and elegant prose.

Annadurai had while he was a member in the Rajya Sabha. By engineering a rift between her and MGR, these members influenced MGR to stop her writing about her personal life in a Tamil magazine. Despite these machinations, she remained admired by the rank and file of the party. Ramachandran was the CM and this taught her lessons in welfare politics. Later when MGR fell ill, she campaigned extensively for the party before the election. In , when MGR was incapacitated due to a stroke, Jayalalithaa was said to have attempted to take over the position of chief minister or the party on the pretext that his health would prevent him from the proper execution of his duties.

Jayalalithaa faction was supported by senior leaders like V. Janaki was selected as the Chief Minister on 7 January with the support of 96 members; due in part to irregularities by speaker P. Pandian, who dismissed six members to ease her victory, she won a motion of confidence in the house. However, Rajiv Gandhi used Article of the Constitution of India to dismiss the Janaki-led government and impose president's rule on the state. At the age of 41, Jayalalithaa entered the Assembly successfully contesting the subsequent elections on the basis of being MGR's political heir.

In February , the two factions of ADMK merged and they unanimously accepted Jayalalithaa as their leader and the "Two leaves" symbol of the party was restored. On 25 March , as claimed by the party and a section of the members present in the assembly, amidst heavy violence inside the house among the ruling DMK party members and the opposition, Jayalilatha was brutally attacked by the ruling DMK members in front of the assembly speaker on the behest of Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

In , following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi days before the elections, her alliance with the Indian National Congress enabled her to ride the wave of sympathy that gave the coalition victory. At that time the ratio of male to female in some parts of Tamil Nadu was skewed by the practice of female infanticide and the abortion of female foetuses. The government established centres in some areas, these being equipped to receive and place into adoption unwanted female babies. The scheme was extended in Her government was the first to introduce police stations operated solely by women.

There were other all-women establishments like libraries, stores, banks and co-operative elections. Due to this, Chennai began to be called as the Detroit of India under her first term. The event holds two Guinness World Records : one is for the most guests at a wedding and the other is for being the largest wedding banquet.

There were several corruption cases filed against her by the ruling DMK government headed by Karunanidhi. The investigation alleged that the amount through the TV dealers were routed in the form of cheques to a relative of Sasikala, who had quoted Jayalalithaa's residence as hers. She earlier filed an anticipatory bail in the trial court, which was rejected on 7 December Though Sudhakaran was adopted by Jayalalithaa as her foster son in , when she became aware that Sudhakaran began to interfere in her financial affairs and that he took money without intending to repay, she disowned him in within one year of adoption.

When questioned on her views on Sasikala, Jayalalithaa quoted in "Sasikala never functioned as extra constitutional power centre. Calling her defacto chief minister is nonsense. She is not interested in politics and I have no intention to bring her into politics. Jayalalithaa was barred from standing as a candidate in the elections because she was found guilty of criminal offences, including allegedly obtaining property belonging to a state-operated agency called TANSI. Although she appealed to the Supreme Court, having been sentenced to five years' imprisonment, the matter was not resolved at the time of the elections.

Within a few months of her taking oath as chief minister, in September , she was disqualified from holding office, and forced to cede the chair to loyalist O. Her appointment was legally voided in September when the Supreme Court ruled that she could not hold it whilst convicted of criminal acts.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa's condition continues to remain critical after suffering cardiac arrest

Panneerselvam , a minister in her party, was subsequently installed as the Chief Minister. However, his government was purported to have been puppeted and micro-managed by Jayalalithaa.

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Subsequently, in March , Jayalalithaa assumed the position of Chief Minister once more, having been acquitted of some charges by the Chennai High Court. India's first company of female police commandos was set up in Tamil Nadu in They underwent the same training as their male counterparts, covering the handling of weapons, detection and disposal of bombs, driving, horseriding, and adventure sports.

She gave orders to a special task force headed by K. Vijaykumar [] to conduct a secret operation to capture and kill the bandit Veerappan by entering Karnataka. After that I never interfered. I left them to work out their own strategies and this paid off. She also started the Veeranam project to deliver water to the dry metropolis of Chennai. Maharashtra prays for her speedy recovery! She is on extracorporeal membrane heart assist device and is being treated by a team of expert doctors and critical care specialists. The Hon'ble CM is the beloved leader of the masses.

Please join us in praying for her speedy recovery. GodblessAmma Jayalalithaa. Police were seen controlling the stream of people to prevent any untoward incident even as they blocked the main road leading to the hospital. Barricades have been set up in the vicinity of the hospital and police presence could be seen in arterial roads near the hospital.

Like my friends in Tamil Nadu, I am praying for her speedy recovery. May God bless her. Wishing and Praying for speedy recovery. Let's all pray for her. CM of Tamil Nadu, Selvi. I pray for speedy recovery of Jayalalithaa Ji. Hope she will get well soon.

Very concerned about the health of Jayalalitha Ji. Like my friends in Tamil Nadu, I am praying for her speedy recovery. A year-old girl died in an accident after an illegal banner fell on her in Pallikaranai area of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The victim was rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

We are not negating from the fact to accept the same. It is a menace, a culture imbibed in the life of a public servant who works as a party cadre. Follow us on :. Despite our best efforts, our beloved CM remains in a grave situation. Jayalalithaa — KalaignarKarunanidhi kalaignar89 December 4, Tamil Nadu banner menace intensifies, Is Chennai police shielding the leader? The Big Story. Tamil Nadu's killer banners cause fatal apathy, no value for lives? Illness, injury hinder Germany for Messi-less Argentina. Zlatan Ibrahimovic unveils larger than life statue in Malmo.

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