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Depending on your rising sign and other chart details, the placement of Rahu in your chart during this transit will also enliven other attributes and indications and either heighten or lessen these expressions.

Rahu in Virgo, Dragon's head in Kanya, planet Rahu in Virgo zodiac,

This is a general guideline of course. From his placement in Virgo, Rahu will give drishti gaze to five, seven and nine houses away from him. He will be looking at Pisces directly seven houses away, where Ketu will be as well. His gaze five houses away will be on Capricorn, and nine houses away will give drishti to Taurus- both earth signs like Virgo. Will this transit bring greater stability and grounding into our lives, or an increase in uprooting, change and calamities? Hopefully, the latter, as the desire for earthy stability will be strengthened at this time. Themes of Virgo will increase during this transit for certain.

These include idealism and perfectionism. We may question what this means for us and what our relationship is with idealism as a result.

Rahu in sign

Along with perfectionism comes the critic and our relationship with this inner beast. Do we have a healthy or toxic relationship with this inner entity? We will certainly be getting multiple opportunities to explore this dynamic during this transit. Purification and cleanliness are other themes that get our attention. Are we being overly fastidious? Using too many diet fads, cleansing rituals and extreme purification practices?

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Rahu could make us go into over-drive, or under drive depending on your relationship with him and your sixth house nature. Balance is ultimately the goal, but watch out for being extreme- in either direction! Virgo is also very detail oriented, methodical, precise and good with numbers, communications and creative endeavors. Work with goals, timelines and clear time lines in order to get the job done. Virgo's love a good list. Use them and revel in checking off your action steps! The Virgo nature is to have very high standards which can't often or ever be met, so dissatisfaction is likely.

Be aware that this theme may develop or be heightened in your own personal mythology. Ask your self these questions periodically: Are your expectations too high? Are you self sabotaging as a result? Are you finding fault with others constantly and being excessively judgmental? What is your relationship with your inner critic? Remember when you lash out at others, there's usually an inner voice saying the same thing to you! As Rahu moves us towards our own ideals and purification, Ketu moves to the sign of liberation and letting go in order to help us resolve and clean up the pieces in our lives.

Ketu's last transit through Aries was all about restructuring the Self, the ego, and how we show up in this world. His transit through Pisces will move us out of an intense individual focus, and push us towards a collective awareness that works for the greater good.

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Ketu's nature is the opposite of Rahu's. He is concerned with our moksha, our enlightenment, and is not concerned with the material parts of life. This is why Ketu does well in Pisces as both are moving us towards the same purpose. Ketu is considered mulitrikona in Pisces which means he is quite happy here and can express himself in more harmonious ways ideally. Just as Ketu is connected to all things liberation and letting go, Pisces is connected to these same themes and all 12th house matters- which are entirely focused on liberation, letting go and self sacrifices. The 12th house is not a house of the material realms, in fact it's quite the opposite.

This is a house of loss just as the 6th and 8th are, but 12th house matters relate to a unique set of losses that relate particularly to our experiences of liberation and letting go in order for enlightenment. This can include meditation, sex, marriage, selfless service and sleep, as well as being in confinement like at an ashram, or in prison.

Ketu will be bringing us flashes of insight, awareness, serendipity, removing of obstacles and releases that help us come closer to our simplest state of being. That does not mean it will be comfortable for us though! Ketu may have our best interest in mind, but we may not like how he goes about it. Other indications of the 12th house: Hospitals, ashrams, prisons, long meditations and retreats, working in places of confinement, losses, poverty, generosity, sleep and quality of sleep, beds and the comfort of sleeping quarters, spiritual journey's and pilgrimages, wandering, foreign lands and long travels, life after death and the nature of one's previous incarnation, martyrdom, self sacrifice, betrayal, tapas, bill collectors, those who cause us loss, marriage, feet.

Pisces, being connected to the 12th house offers us many of the same themes mentioned above. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and Venus is considered exalted here. These planets help us expand and flow and since Ketu is oriented towards formlessness, we may be surprised how we choose to expand and flow, or how we learn to do this in our relationships and with regard to our needs.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in spirals, looping and flowing in endless circles. Sometimes this translates as indecisiveness or as being a "pleaser" personality that tries to make everyone happy all the time.

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Ketu may help us cut out any confusion typically offered by the Pisces mythology by giving us clarity and focus. I would expect this clarity to come in surprising ways as Ketu is all about sudden events and occurrences! Pisces is however quite mystical and is connected to the endless stream of consciousness flowing back and forth between heaven and earth. Pisces is known for intuitive awareness, sympathy, contemplation, modesty, philosophy, generosity and in general, being polite.

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If any of these attributes are excessive within us for example lack of healthy boundaries and codependency issues this will be a cycle where we will learn the harsh lessons about giving too much. Ketu will certainly help "enlighten" us on where we need more appropriate and harmonious boundaries with giving and receiving. Based on these themes of the 12th house and Pisces, we will be creating many new parameters for ourselves with regard to relationships and how to find more balance with them. Wherever we have been excessive- giving too much of ourselves or not creating healthy and mutually beneficial boundaries for ourselves- we will likely get the flashlight memo and get a wake up call!

Some may learn this lesson from loss and letting go, others will find a new set point more easily. With Jupiter exalted in the heart center Cancer at the same time, emotions and matters of the heart will be playing their role in our new sense of balance and harmony. Many of us will make a re-commitment to the Self during this time- putting our needs and desires first and foremost. As Ketu moves from Aries into Pisces, it's considered a very challenging gandanta position- the junction between two sign.

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac the head and Pisces is the end the feet. And because Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion, Ketu is essentially jumping from the beginning to the end, thus starting a new cycle for each of us. It's been 18 years since Ketu was in Pisces and Rahu in Virgo. This is a new beginning in many ways.

Likely we are each feeling its poignancy. However, Ketu will be fresh in Pisces once he moves, without much awareness of this "new cycle" yet. Reflect on your past 18 years for guidance. What are you cutting out and restructuring in your life? What are you letting go of and finding freedom from? Go there with zeal and make plenty of room for the changes. Use this time of the Rahu and Ketu transits to recommit to your enlightenment and spiritual pursuits. Make healing and health a priority and focus. Seek balance with relationships- the relationship with your Self and with others.

Look for fanaticism, rigidity and where your idealism is forcing you off track from goals and the long term agenda. Creating more harmony is ultimately the goal, but we may have to work with some extremes before we find our sense of center. In this cycle, don't fall off the wagon and loose your commitment to health and well being with excess toxicity, but at the same time, excessive puritanical and self righteous behaviors will not lead to sustainability and healing in the long run.

This is a unique cycle that can truly awaken us to parts of ourselves that we have been missing- overlooking perhaps out of fear, denial and past suffering. We have the opportunity to introspect in new and unique ways as a result of this cycle. No doubt the outcome of the next 18 months will be a time period of great change, clarity and momentum. Here we go! Never miss an article, Sign up for my newsletter. And if you like this post, please share it! Live Your Life Purpose. Share Your Unique Gifts and Wisdom. Touch Lives in Meaningful Ways.

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Imagine This Is Your Reality. How Grief can Give you More Joy. Healing Grief and Trauma from a Jyotish Perspective. Major Transit Alert! Jupiter Moves to Virgo! Why Isn't the Money Flowing?! Reply Leave a Reply. How much would you like to donate? This could be said as Rahu further intensifies the visible shades of Virgo. Virgo individuals with Rahu are the super perfectionist among the rest of Virgo natives.

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The influence of Rahu in Virgo would also further develop the analytical vision of Virgo individuals. These people are believed to be strict with cleanliness and health. The personas of this combination would be more stronger at mind and more intellectual besides which they would be highly concerned about accomplishing their work. They are the people of strong logics. Panel of Astrologers.

Rahu & Ketu Exaltation and Debilitation in Vedic Astrology

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