Libra third decan monthly horoscope

You are a cerebral creature and live in your mind. On the 17th, as the sun moves into Libra, you may lack in self-confidence and struggle to concentrate. You should seek advice from your elders and put your energy into the environment and travel. Broadening your horizons and finding a passion and purpose will help to heal you.

With Mercury in Virgo, you may struggle with follow-through. On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra and your financial condition comes back stronger. You may clear debts. On the 26th, as Mercury moves into Scorpio, you receive plenty of opportunities in all areas, leaving you free to pursue what calls to you. Sun represents our central focus and consciousness.

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In astrology, the Sun is the most dominant consideration - it influences our will to live, our creative life force, and it reflects the present or the "here and now". Venus represents our love, romance, social life, and comfort.

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It influences our sentiments, what we value, and the pleasure we derive in life. More importantly, it rules our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, what makes us happy, and how we visualize art and beauty. Mercury represents our communications, learning, connections, and travel. It influences the way we think, and the way we communicate with others.

I say this because this 12th house rules psychology and mental health. You will have a desire to explore your conscience and your guilty conscience if you have one. Since this house is naturally ruled by Pisces, which also rules the depths of the Ocean, going into the deep recesses of the mind is likely. There are leadership skills that rise to the surface, only behind the scenes. Again, since Pisces rules this 12th house, then the leadership skills look like a big fish leading a school of fish.

Notice how you navigate yourself while driving, walking or roaming and see how others respond to your movements. They will likely be quick, darting and circling. You may be chasing your tail of sorts or you may find yourself plotting your route in a big circle. The more organized and conscious Libra will probably be plotting a big circular route. There is a strong possibility that you will feel lonely, depressed and melancholy. Watch your verbage and tone because you can easily bring down a room with negative talk, when others are used to hearing your friendly and animated spirit.

This can come as quite a shock.

The First Decan of Libra (September 23–October 2)

Wake up! There is the possibility of shielding yourself from socializing or all human contact. Notice from the above paragraph that this 12th house rules jails, closets, enclosed dark spaces or places where people are alone or shielded from the public. For this reason, you may keep to yourself or you may wish to just stay home and pout.

Think of the pouty lips of the Pisces fish lips. You could easily end up with this kind of pouty face. I would NOT suggest getting lip injections to get a pouty mouth during this month. Some Libra's may find themselves visiting places mentioned in the first paragraph where people are alone or suffering. After all, this 12th house rules the 'silent sufferer'. Places where people silently sufferer are in jails, prisons, institutions, hospitals and the like. Notice what you are attracted to and who you may be visiting during this month of Virgo.

This 12th house also has a strong spiritual connection. Think about it, this 12th house rules where people are alone, which is where they usually have a 'Come to Jesus' moment. In a sick bed or in a jail cell or anywhere where one is alone, there is a stronger connection to God due to Faith, fear, belief, health crisis, etc. This is where one realizes all they really is have is themselves and God. That's it! This isn't to say that you will be in this position, but it does suggest you might be visiting someone in this position.

Faith gets stronger and a connection to God manifests in much stronger ways. This 12th house connected to Pisces is what I call, 'monk mode'. So you may be in 'monk mode' during this month of Capricorn. As you can tell, this 12th house is a bit secretive, which can make you do things secretly or through a back door.

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  5. There is a control issue that may be brought into question. Not necessarily someone else, but you. Think about it, extreme shyness is a form of control because everyone else has to pull teeth just trying to break through the wall.

    Your September 12222 Horoscope Wants You to Embrace the Unknown

    Just be aware that this 12th house 'can' cause you to become your own worst enemy. When the Sun hits the 12th house of the hidden realm, there is a saying in astrology that says, "The native is receiving mixed signals. Since this is the hidden realm, then your sub-conscious represents what is hidden, which is exactly what you wish to keep secret. The Good news about this aspect is it will cause you to become more aware of your hidden motives that are deep in your subconscious which are driving your conscious actions.

    This is where the mixed signals comes into play. While you are working through this, you may confuse yourself as well as others, as this 12th houser energy is very impressionable and gullible. This can make you feel or become neurotic, as well as cause you to retreat turn your tail and go the other direction. This could also make you overly shy.

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    Remember, this 12th house is ruled by Pisces. The 12th house can be a tremendous opportunity for growth when you use this energy to get to know yourself better. So big deal if you have a hidden agenda that you were not previously aware; now you get to change it. Make certain you read the larger write-up on Sun in Virgo right here. Scroll down to read your Mercury Opportunity. The flow for your Solar Chart your Sun Sign is -- Libra would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Scorpio 2nd house, Sagittarius 3rd house, Capricorn 4th house, Aquarius 5th house, Pisces 6th house, Aries 7th house, Taurus 8th house, Gemini 9th house, Cancer 10th house, Leo 11th house and Virgo 12th house.

    For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here! Mercury stands for the intellect, common sense, cold reason, commerce and business.

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