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Their love life is usually a battle of strong personalities and they won't settle for a relationship with a partner who isn't their equal in every possible way. The respect they wish to find needs to be given just the same.

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If they start questioning their ways, they could come to find that they are expecting something they aren't prepared to give to the person standing in front of them. Still, as every Aquarius would, they take these things from a certain distance, rationalizing and enjoying the freedom their solitude brings their way instead of giving in to despair or sorrow. A person born on February 18th excels in all types of sports, usually individual ones until they come to a level of social awareness that allows them to show empathy and understanding for those they are in the same team with.

They can be pushy and persevere in all activities that make them question their strength, and will do many things out of spite, accomplishing greatness through the strangest of choices in life. They are good at shooting and a uniform of any kind looks good on them.

Their need for status will bring them into a high position in time. When a person born on February 18th is on a search for the right stone, they should consider malachite for their collection. It is a stone that enhances intuition and it will help them focus their energy into all the right goals.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 18-24

Resonating with the vibration of the heart chakra, it will gradually provide them with balance needed to satisfy their emotional inner Self too, while keeping the fire burning through their warm and cozy personality, and not as destructive as it can become. A gift for a person born on this date has no reason to be aggressive in any way, even if their act shows them to be interested in aggression.

Be sure to check anything you wish to send their way for negative emotions, and show gratitude and love in your choices. While you can always give them something like an arrow and a bow, it is wiser to make something for the heart, listening to their stories of the past, their upbringing, and their relationships with people they love.

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Once you get into their intimate world, it becomes impossible to make a mistake when choosing a gift for any occasion. Passionate, creative, focused, and understanding, this is someone able to sense the moment when the leader is needed, bravely becoming one. Fast and fiery, on their search for emotion, they wish to stay open-hearted throughout their lifetime. With boundaries shaken, they can dismiss emotions, becoming overly rational and turned to the practical future in front of them. Unaware of their own sensitivity and hurt they might have caused to other people. Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

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Early in the week, you catch yourself entertaining morally conservative views as your planetary ruler and planet of values, Venus, meets with father time Saturn in your house of higher knowledge.

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This transit asks for strict dedication to your beliefs. A powerful transformation occurs on Friday as Venus meets transformation planet Pluto, creating a shift in the values defining your worldview. While the sun is in Pisces, you receive a lot of attention from those with hiring power who want you on their team.

With your planetary ruler Mercury meeting dreamy Neptune, you receive news about what seems to be your dream role—but take it with a grain of salt since Neptune distorts reality. On Friday you spring into a collaborative project as Mercury clashes with expansive Jupiter: Your attitude towards your career sparks growth in your relationships.

Your mind is open during Pisces season as you focus on expanding your horizons and trying new experiences, through education or jet-setting.

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Early this week, there is discomfort in love as sweet Venus meets stern Saturn in your house of relationships, pausing affection as commitment issues takes its place. Keep your wits about you.

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This weekend brings a deep intensity to your relationships, as Venus meets planet of transformation, Pluto, in your house of partnerships, you can either fall deeper in love or throw away the whole relationship. Just before the sun enters Pisces on Monday, you are presented with the opportunity to connect with a mentor, as the sun gently harmonizes with freethinking Uranus late Sunday night. Pisces season starts Monday evening, and can go a few ways for Leos of different walks of life: You can have an inordinate amount of no-strings-attached sex.

You can get audited for not paying taxes in You can receive a handsome inheritance. You can overcome feelings of envy. It really depends on who you are. You put others first, and Pisces season is no exception. Generosity and romantic connections are sweet but try to remember yourself. As your planetary ruler Mercury meets deceptive Neptune, try to understand when something is too good to be true. You can avoid manipulative people by getting a second opinion from a trustworthy friend.

Daily horoscope for Monday, February 18, 12222

Pisces season? More like lost in a sea of work commitments season! With the sun in Pisces, you are in work mode, Libra. Early in the week, commitments to your family and roommates are business as usual, with pleasantries being replaced by tasks as your planetary ruler Venus meets stern Saturn early Monday morning. The Virgo full moon on Tuesday finds you slipping away to the background and catching up on rest—take care of yourself!

With Neptune, a planet that thins barriers, in your house of physical health, you better remember to wash your hands.

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Powerful breakthroughs around deep-seated trauma come this weekend as Venus meets transformative Pluto on Friday evening. Pisces season is a bucket of fun, bringing you creative passion and the hookups of your dreams! Is your social media presence educational and uplifting, or is it just a place for you to complain?

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Use this perspective to get a full understanding of how you come across to the larger community network which keeps you. This weekend is great for reading and research, as sweet Venus meets detective Pluto, you find enjoyment in making new discoveries. You reach peak fiscal responsibility early in the week as money planet Venus meets conservative Saturn in your house of personal finance. You can save money by staying in.

Pisces season brings an ideal opportunity for you to spend time around the house, feel connected to your family or roommates and your living environment. More inspiration for money saving methods arrives on Tuesday as Mercury gently harmonizes with Saturn, creating some boundaries in an otherwise limitless imagination. Pisces season is a time for reading, bullet journaling, and learning as you get in touch with your immediate environment.