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They manipulate physical forces, circumstances and people through limited forms of narrow, selfish desire.

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The recessive mental type can operate towards the imprisonment of other minds, the curtailment of all free thought and free will. This headstrong, stiff, separative type can be fully determined and capable of forcefully imposing a manufactured state upon a nation, factory, business or home, hindering the free expression of free people. They forge the chains of destructive living which bind others to their will, imposing upon others a rule of life and order of living.

Separative and wrong idealisms are the root cause.

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Under Saturn the pure mentalist gains victory as the result of the powerful imposition of the will by means of brute force. The third or mental decan does not generally produce gifted speakers or original artists and thinkers. Inner feelings are difficult to verbalize, demonstrate or express. Self-sufficient, the Saturnian disposition appears both self-controlled and stolid.

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Criticism does not sit well with this type, as they tend to underestimate or devalue themselves. They require praise and admiration, otherwise they easily become discouraged.

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A real mental inferiority complex must initially be overcome. Self-indulgence and laziness must also be guarded against. The exoteric Bull is not a reformist. Saturn indicates that the Taurean mind is stable, logical and constructive but exceedingly cautious.

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As a rule Saturn does not produce an adventurous disposition, hence the Taurean does not gamble and dislikes taking chances. The mind is not open and dislikes change or innovation. Stubborn and obstinate, the mind lacks initiative and needs to undergo a prolonged material training process focused in and identified solely with form production. Never daring to jump or skip, progress occurs ploddingly, step by step. Characteristically, the advanced mental disposition is calm, steadfast, unimaginative but purposeful.

Although the thinking is ponderous, obstacles do not seem to impede progress since Saturn bestows great mental endurance in the Taurean personality.

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Within the entire zodiac, perhaps this decanate type is the most persevering of all. Come what may, fame or fortune, power or misfortune, favor or disfavor, here the steadfast Bull continues with endurance, persistence and patient manner. Mentally polarized Taurean types excel in exoteric and conventional positions of authority and power. Natal Report Your personality based on the analysis of your natal chart. Synastry The comparative analysis of both charts in your relationship.

Forecasts Transits Your astrology forecasts dated from the analysis of your planetary transits.

Solar return Your annual astrology forecasts from the analysis of birthday and natal charts. With the square of the Sun in the week of 6, you will lack motivation. You may have issues with your family and job but it will only last for a few days, that's why you need to cut the drama and to be patient. During the week of 13 you may have a few important appointments and you will meet new people thanks to your activities.

Mercury in harmonic aspect to your decan will favor trade and communication. Good aspects of Venus to your sun in the week of 20 may favor encounters, hugs and gifts.

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If you're in a relationship, your partner will give in to your charm. In the week of 20 Mars in square to your Sun will make you pretty nervous and during this period you will be very agitated. Step back a little because at this point you aren't efficient anymore.

Capricorn, do you know your zodiac sign? Careful, patient and persevering, your zodiac sign is an earth sign connected to Saturn, symbol of focus, rigor and ambition The women are very beautiful, and they are committed to their goals, but the sexual tension is intense here as it is with the first decan-sag women. THe only problem is that we are both mutual, and independent, so the moment we notice each other, we unit as one, but leave as individuals again.

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The males are cool, but the friendship is much the same with the women, a connection that eventually disconnects due to independence. Posted by ellessque I don't see 3rd decan scorpios anywhere on your list That's because Decan 3 Scorpios aren't "best" for Virgos according to the logic. Nice to see you sharing Sorti-man. I hear you on the "tension", haha. Freaky stuff. The user who posted this message has hidden it. I bet you get that same sort of tension with second decan sag people, and that is pretty freaky Don't forget Posted by ellessque well, darn.