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Because there are scads of astrology software programs available for the Windows platform, and many of them are free! Luckily, someone else has done the hard work for us. Hey Molly The universe just brought you into my world.. I am looking forward to learning astrology and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Welcome Kat!! Thank you for your kind comment. You can sign up to preview a couple of the course videos for free.

To install ZET 9 Lite in your computer:

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Visit Astrodienst at astro. Check out astroapp. Learn more at astrogold. Check out Io software at timecycles. Our Astro Gold Facebook community is growing larger and larger every day — the only thing missing is you. Join in the conversation today! Both Mac and mobile software with high precision calculations. Now available on Mac! From the creators of Solar Fire. Mobile software with high precision calculations. Look no further! Below is information about available Mac based astrology software.

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One is called Pegasus , which is the junior version of Kepler. The other is the Basic Edition of TimePassages. Each program has basic features for chart calculation along with some other features. More information is included below.

Astrology Software Programs Kepler, Pegasus, Solar Fire, WinStar and TimePassages

All three are available in both Mac and Windows versions. It has all the latest technical bells and whistles offered in astrology software. There are many additional add-on report options available.

Kepler is one of the leaders in add on reports. If you are interested in starting report service in addition to your astrology practice, Kepler has many options available. A plus with Kepler Software is that it includes some extras like the Avalon School of Astrology lessons, extra reports that are included with the basic software, an advanced astrocartigraphy system, research capabilities, some Vedic options and more.

It contains everything that is in Kepler Software and more. Sirius offers a dazzling set of new features and is very comprehensive. It has advanced Vedic, Medieval, Hellenistic, research, financial and electional astrology features, and a large number special options! The vastly improved rectification feature, Page Designer, and interactive adjustment of the time of a birth chart, BiWheel, TriWheel, and QuadWheel, as well as new features like the interactive Dials, and other enhancements.

Sirius is so comprehensive that it is competitive with all specialized programs for Vedic, Hellenistic, Medieval, Research, Huber, and other specialized software programs. Sirius simply represents a new level of astrology software and many people can replace a combination of existing software programs that they may be using. Of course no program has every feature of every other program, but the range of capabilities of Sirius, and its elegant design puts Sirius in a completely new class of astrological software.

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It too contains built-in natal, transit and relationship reports. Like Kepler, it is designed for professional astrologers who are serious about their profession. And, like Kepler, it can also be used by amateurs because it is very user friendly and easy to learn. It also has some basic built in reports with the software.

It has a vast selection of astrological report writers you can purchase. These report writers are available as stand alone software in that you may purchase them without purchasing the WinStar software.

Why Solar Fire?

As with Kepler and Solar Fire, Matrix Software is a professional astrology software package but also for amateurs as well. Built in natal, relationship and transit reports are not included with the basic program though it does have some pop up information about various parts of the chart. These are outlined in more detail by clicking on the link to WinStar above. You may choose between the Basic, Standard and Advanced Versions.